About Us:

Straight from the Low Country of South Carolina, Bo'Dean has brought his award winning marinade.  Now this isn’t just any ‘ole marinade, this secret blend of quality ingredients makes it the perfect blend as a dry or as a marinade.  Try it on chicken, beef, pork, fish whatever your heart’s desire.  Just remember, when you taste this on your favorite dish, you are tasting Bo'Dean’s low country roots.


I have been blending, tweaking and or testing my seasonings and marinades on anybody that would give me the time of day. Mostly on family and friends for 29 years!! The past 8 years I have been more religious in documenting and replicating the blends to maintain consistency. This enables me (and you!) to replicate each grilling event.


The name Bodean came from growing up in Goose Creek, SC. All through school some called me Jethro but most just called me Bodean. Till this day close friends and family still call me Bodean!!


“Sho’nuff!!  God willing and the Creek don’t rise, Y’all be back another time”

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Bo'Deans Marinade
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